Brand to know: Minus417 Skincare

Every now and then even a seasoned beauty junkie like me will miss a fabulous skincare brand. Minus417 has been in Singapore for five years like a well-kept secret that I only just found out a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock especially since the brand has six stores in the city and two more in the pipeline!

Founded in Israel by Moty Fridman, this skincare brand uses natural active components and minerals from the Dead Sea in all its products. In fact, the name Minus417 alludes to the exact location of the Dead Sea (below sea level) at the time the company was founded.


So what’s the fuss about? With the highest concentration of minerals – 32 percent – the Dead Sea is like the world’s natural spa. Compared to other seas, its black mineral mud has 10 times the concentration of magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium that are essential to maintaining the health, texture and suppleness of the skin. Additionally this mineral-rich mud has also recently been proven to have firming properties as well.

Traditionally Dead Sea mud has been used to treat skin disorders from psoriasis and eczema to acne, prevent hair loss as well as improve the quality of skin. And the fact that it is suitable to all skin types means everyone can enjoy the benefits of this miracle mud. Minus417 uses these minerals from the Dead Sea along with oils and seed extracts, proteins, enzymes and plant extracts to bring you effective skincare without any mineral oil and parabens.

Sculptor-turned-CEO of Minus417, Moty Fridman was in town to celebrate the brand’s 5th anniversary in Singapore. One look at the excellent condition of his skin is testimony to how well the products work. In a quick interview, he shared with us his skincare routine as well as the products women in Singapore should incorporate into theirs.

Smita DeSouza: You’re an accomplished sculptor, what prompted you to make the switch from the world of art to skincare?
Moty Fridman: My real dream was to be a plastic surgeon, but because I was afraid of the actions of being a surgeon, the procedure of the surgery [I didn’t pursue it]. At Minus417, I feel honoured to be able to change and improve people’s skin and make them happy. I feel like I’m drawing and sculpting faces and bodies with miraculous products.

SD: You’re constantly on the go – training, launching, promoting Minus417 across various countries, but this also means you spend a lot of time away from your family. How do you balance your family life with work?
MF: Every visit for me is a journey, yet I am very aware for the importance of my family. From time to time my family joins me on my journey, which makes it even more fun.

SD: All the time you spend travelling can take its toll on the skin. How do you combat this?
MF: I take good care of my skin everyday, two times a day, even when I’m travelling. When you have good products it should not take more than seven minutes to take good care of your skin.

Minus 417 collage

SD: And what would you suggest women who travel a lot do to combat tired, travel-weary skin?
MF: Our Time-Control Recovery Cinderella Lifting Mask and Luminos Advanced 60 Second Mask will help skin recover from every sign of tiredness.


SD: Tell us which Minus417 products make it to your daily skincare regimen?
MF: Micro Luffa Foaming Gel, Time Control Active Serum, Vitamin Moisturizer, Time-Control Firming Cream, Radiant Intense Cream and Miracle Immediate Wrinkle Filler.


SD: Which are the products you would recommend for Singapore women keeping in mind the climate?
I will add to the above mentioned, also include hygienic Mud Soap if you have oily skin and Agile Purifying Mud Mask for all skin types.

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