New In: Crystal Moist Korean Skincare

When it comes to skincare, Korea is always a step ahead of everyone else. (Remember where BB creams originated?) They’re almost always the first to put out a new ingredient or innovative formulation – and the packaging is always spot on. I imagine going to Korea would be like going to beauty heaven: there are makeup and skincare shops at every corner. But since I haven’t visited this beauty paradise, yet, I have to stay content with Korean skincare locally available in Singapore.

One such brand I was invited to discover was Crystal Moist. Though not part of a Korean company (it is part of the Dairy Farm group that operates under Guardian), Crystal Moist products are formulated and made in Korea. With Korean skincare, the focus is on providing lightweight hydration to ensure the skin is moist, plump and bouncy or chok chok as they call it. And the Crystal Moist products are intensely hydrating without feeling heavy on the skin. There are two lines – the Hydra Ion+ and Bright Ion+ (which focuses on brightening). ION+

Both of these feature three main ingredients: HY+3 Aqua Channeling Factor that comprises Korean Deep Ocean water and hyaluronic acid that together form a veil on the skin locking in moisture to provide long-lasting hydration. The second is a Regenerating Mineral Complex that is a cocktail of five fermented essential minerals that revive the skin and keep it plump and the third is the Perfect Hydration 24 Complex. This is a mix of Lalang Grass Rhizome and glycerin that also helps boost moisture levels. In addition, seaweed extract acts as an anti-oxidant, soothes and nourishes the skin with essential minerals.


One of my favourite products from the Hydra Ion+ range is the Moisturising Face Gel. If you’re looking for a lightweight, gel moisturiser, this is it. It almost feels like water on the skin, but really locks in the moisture to keep your skin feeling hydrated and comfortable for longer. It is ideal for this heat, and great for combination dry/oily skin. If your skin is completely dry, or you spend long hours in an air-conditioned environment there is a Moisturising Face Cream, which is more suited to this. There’s also a cleanser, two toners, eye cream, two essences and sheets masks as part of the range.


On the occasion of their launch in Singapore, Crystal Moist also introduced their brand ambassador Ms Ju Eun-Young. And I got to ask the K-Pop artiste who is a part of Korean girl group TWO X to share her skincare routine and her favourite products from the Hydra Ion+ range.

As a K-pop artiste, there’s bound to be a hectic schedule, long rehearsals, late nights, lots of travel and of course lots of makeup. How do you keep your skin healthy through it all?
The most important step to healthy skin is cleansing. It’s essential to remove all the makeup and dirt before applying skincare. After cleansing, I apply my skincare step by step – allowing each product time to get absorbed and paying attention to what my skin needs next. For example, I’ll use my toner, and depending on how my skin feels after that, I will use the next product. I believe doing it this way, makes a big difference to the skin.

Do you manage to fit in the famous 10-step skincare routine into your hectic schedule?
I think it’s more important to choose a suitable skincare brand – that suits your skin – than to follow a 10-step routine.

How do you choose the most suitable skincare for you?
Before choosing any skincare brand, I speak with the beauty experts from the brand and check which products are the most suitable for my dry skin. As I don’t have oily skin, I require intensely moisturising products. Once they recommend the products, I usually test them first, before applying them to my face. Only once I find them safe and suitable for my skin do I apply them to my face.

What do you like about the crystal moist range?
I like the lightweight texture and the fact that it provides intense hydration in spite of its lightweight texture. I find the products are not only offer long-lasting hydration but also help keep the skin plump and firm.

And which is your favourite Crystal Moist product and why?
My favourites are the Hydra Ion Moisturising Face Essence. I like to use it separately as well as layered under the mask when I need an extra dose of hydration. And I like the extremely light texture of the Moisturising Face Gel and use it regularly at night.

The entire Crystal Moist range is available in selected Guardian Health & Beauty outlets in Singapore. Prices start at SGD15.90.

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