Get the eyebrows you’ve always wanted with Benefit’s new brow collection

Raise your hands if the first step in your makeup routine is doing your brows. I always fill in my brows first because they ‘anchor’ the rest of my makeup. If I choose to go for fuller brows, I tend to go easy on the eyes but bring the attention back with a bold lip. When I want to go all out with my eye makeup, I keep my brows subtle. The fact is, using the right product and technique can literally transform your eyebrows and in turn, your look.

TheBeautyDesk-Benefit-brow-productsThe key is knowing how to transform your brows. Sometimes, all it takes is changing the shade of your eyebrow product; and sometimes you may need to fill in as well as add volume. No matter what kind of brows you have – patchy, sparse, mismatched (which is totally normal by the way) the Benefit brow collection has a product or two for you. I am so happy that they come in an extensive shade range making it easy for anyone of any skin tone to use them. Here are my thoughts on each of them to help you pick the right one when they launch on June 23, in Singapore.


Ka-Brow! ($42)
This has been my favourite from the first moment I laid eyes on it at the preview. This nifty product is a seamless blend of form and functionality: not only does it come with its own brush, the cap transforms into a brush holder to form a full length brush for ease of use! I also like that the brush is just firm enough to create the master strokes that will transform your eyebrows. Now on to the formula, the biggest draw for me is that is it waterproof for up to 24 hours. I mean, hello humidity. But, I also like that it can be used to subtly fill in barely-there brows, create soft naturally looking brows as well as full-on dramatic set of arches. You will get a lot of use from this product.TheBeautyDesk-Benefitgoof-proof-pencil-eyebrowproducts

Goof Proof Brow Pencil ($42)
If you’re a noob at doing your brows – this one’s for you. I like it best for ease of use so I reach for this when I’m in a rush (aka I’ve snoozed the alarm). The tip is slanted so you can fill in brows with the flat side and then go in to refine them with the tip. This allows you to create the neat line at the base of your brows, which makes them look nice and defined. It’s a twist-up tip, which means you don’t need to sharpen it. At the opposite end is spoolie, which you can use to brush brows into place for the perfect finish. This is also waterproof for up to 12-hours.


Precisely, My Brow ($42)
I spent the last year growing back my brows and I still have some bald spots, which I need to fill in. This is particularly helpful in such cases because the ultra-fine tip of this product allows you to draw these tiny, fine, hair like strokes so no one can tell the difference. I also use it to add a few strokes at the end of my brows to make them look longer. But please don’t tell anyone ok?


Ready, Set, Brow! ($42)
Don’t you hate it when brow-setting products make your brows all stiff and crunchy? This clear, lightweight gel sets your brows quickly while still allowing you to move them freely. Cue that arched eyebrow when someone says you’ve got too much makeup on. The real genius of this product lies in its brush: long bristles ensure the product is delivered from root to tip while the short bristles help sculpt even the tiniest hair into place – where it will stay put for the rest of the day.

Brow Zings ($56)
Your build a brow kit in the palm of your hand. Remove stray hairs with the tweezers, and then create the brows you’ve always wanted by adding shape and definition with the soft wax first and setting it with the powder. The tiny brushes even extend to form one full length-one so it feels comfortable in your hand. Once again, use a light hand for a more natural finish and you can layer on for statement eyebrows.TheBeautyDesk-Benefit-high-brow-browproducts

High Brow Pencil ($39)
Before this landed in my lap, I’d underscore my brows with a flat brush and powder highlighter to make them look sharp and lifted. But the pencil gives a more precise finish – which is what you want when you want to lift and open the eye area for a more youthful look. The formula is creamy and can be blended so it doesn’t look like a stripe under your brow. There are only two shades in this – High Brow, which is matte pinkish shade to give you a natural highlight and the other The High Brow Glow is a champagne pink for a more luminous highlight.
TheBeautyDesk-Benefit-3d-browtones-browproducts3D-Browtones ($42)
The guys at Benefit really thought of everything! All too often I get a bit overzealous filling in my already thick brows that making them look quite dark and flat. This brow enhancer helps soften and ‘lift’ them – kinda like when you get highlights in your hair. This ensures my brows don’t looks so severe. You can use this even if you have light eyebrows to add a deeper colour and depth to your eyebrows. Once again, the brush is noteworthy. It’s similar to the They’re Real! mascara brush where the tip has a mini comb that let’s you get to even the tiniest brow hair and shape and define them after the spiral bristles have filled in the product. You can apply as much or as little as you like.
TheBeautyDesk-browvo-conditioning-primer-eyebrowproductsBrowvo! Conditioning Primer ($49)
I haven’t used this one yet, so I can’t really say how well it works. But the clear gel is fortified with keratin and soy protein, and is likely to make your brows look thicker and healthier. It doubles up as a brow treatment used over night as well as an eyebrow primer when used under other brow products.
TheBeautyDesk-Benefitgimme-brow-browproductsGimme Brow ($42)
This is an existing product that has been repackaged to ensure it looks similar to the rest of the collection in the range. Since I have fairly full brows, I don’t really need this. But if your brows are sparse and you’d like them to look thicker, try this. Just brush on the gel (available in three shades) and the microfibers in the formula latch on to your brow to make them seem fuller and thicker.

I hope you found this post helpful! I’d love to know which one you got.

Images courtesy Benefit Cosmetics.

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