Take the guesswork out of choosing the right skin care for you

When it comes to skin care, it’s never one size fits all. As I spend hours trying, testing and reviewing skin care products, I am acutely aware that what transforms my dull, parched skin, giving it life and a gorgeous glow may not necessarily have the same effect on someone else’s skin. Similarly, a product that works well on my friend who has large pores would have disastrous effects on mine.

DRx Clinic, DermaRx Skincare, cosmeceuticals, The Beauty Desk, Singapore dermatologists And while I recommend those with a similar skin type to go out and try products that have worked for me (hey, that’s my job), I do so with a word of caution. “Get a sample,” I say. “First try a little,” I advice. After all, there are so many factors at play: skin type has a starring role in determining whether or not a product will work for you. And a lot of the time, women don’t even have their skin type down right! Lifestyle, age, the climate you live in, all affect your skin care needs. All these factors need to be taken into account when choosing your skin care products as well.

Which is why it should be no surprise then that the moisturiser you bought because it did wonders for your colleague’s skin is now lying in the beauty graveyard because even after using it for three weeks, your skin still looks the same. Or that acne treatment your friend recommended is now in the bin, because those angry red bumps still sit on your face; or that scalp treatment that worked for your mum has done nothing for you.

DRx Clinic, Derma-Rx Skincare, cosmeceuticals, skincare, Singapore dermatologists

So how do you find the skin care that works for you? You get a professional to take a look at it. The DRx group now offers a trade-in programme where you can bring empties of the products (regardless of brand) that didn’t work for you and in exchange they will set up a complementary skin or scalp consultation with one of their experienced dermatologists or trichologists. For those who aren’t familiar with the DRx group, they are a Singapore-based skin care centre comprising the DRx Clinic, DRx Medispa and DRx Trichology Centre and have their in-house range of skin care and hair care products called Derma-Rx. (Remember the Derma-Rx Hydrating and Regenerating Bio-Cellulose Mask I reviewed? Yep, that’s the same brand.)

Your skin or scalp will be analysed (for free!) and they will chalk out a regimen that is suited to your skin’s unique needs keeping in mind your skin type, age and lifestyle. The Derma-Rx products are developed by an in-house scientist and formulated using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for maximum efficacy. You’ll get a two-piece sample set – so you can be sure they work for you, along with 30 per cent off on three selected items from the Derma-Rx range. What’s more they will even have the skin care containers you traded in sent to a dedicated recycling receptacle.

With such a targeted approach to your skin and hair care, you are bound to get the results you’re looking for – whether it is treating acne, taking your first steps to prevent skin ageing or keeping you scalp healthy and happy. You can click here to make your appointment, and don’t forget to mention my name when you call in! 

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