The one reason I’ve been able to go foundation-free lately

Every now and then your skin requires a nudge in the right direction. A gentle reminder that it can be bright, plump, blemish free. Given my age (early 30s) and the fact that I had recently been through a particularly bad bout of congested pores and breakouts, my skin needed some cajoling into looking and feeling good again.

It came in the form of a treatment called Cryotherapy. Available at DRx, the treatment is a combination of micro-needling, cold iontophoresis and a specially formulated serum that penetrates the skin in order to nourish the cells from within. Together the micro needling, cold iontophoresis and serum promise to tackle pigmentation, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, dull skin and fine lines. Honestly, I was a bit anxious given the fact I had never tried micro-needling and, well, because it involved needling!

DRx Clinic, antiageing treatments, younger skin, Cryotherapy, microneedling,

The treatment started with the therapist removing every smidge of makeup thoroughly. Then came the micro-needling. As she brought the hand piece toward my face, I held my breath in anticipation of intense pain. What I had imagined would be similar to a tattoo gun, with the needle oscillating all over my face, turned out to be a hand piece packed with tiny static needle heads, that is gently “stamped” all across your face. I exhaled, relieved that it didn’t hurt as much as I expected it to, though I suspect some people might feel differently given that each person’s pain threshold is different.

cryotherapy-review-drx-thebeautydesk-microneedlingThough slightly uncomfortable, this essential part of Cryotherapy helps create what dermatologists call “controlled injury”: tiny punctures that kick start production of collagen and elastin, which helps heal the damage while simultaneously filling in fine lines, tackling marks from blemishes you’ve picked, reducing pores and brightening skin tone.

DRx Clinic, antiageing treatments, younger skin, Cryotherapy, microneedling, cold iontophoresis

To further enhance this effect, a potent serum is infused into the skin with the help of cold iontophoresis. The mild electric current ensures nutrients penetrate deeper for faster results, and the cool temperature is refreshing. However, because it is electric based, pregnant women and those with pace-makers are not allowed to have this treatment.

Once the therapist had gone over my entire face with the iontophoresis hand piece, any excess product was massaged into the skin till it was fully absorbed; and depending on time of day, sunscreen is applied.

DRx Clinic, antiageing treatments, younger skin, Cryotherapy, microneedling,

The entire treatment lasted only 15-20 minutes – you can do it during your lunch hour and grab lunch! Immediately after, my skin felt slightly sore (which was gone in a few hours), but looked brighter and definitely plumper. The pic above, which I took immediately after the treatment is proof enough. It looked so good, I felt comfortable enough to walk out of the clinic without any makeup. As collagen production amps up in the coming weeks, my skin still felt plump and any marks had faded significantly – see my no makeup pic below.

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If this sounds exactly like what your skin needs right now, click here to find out more and make an appointment.

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