Tackling stubborn fat the easy way with the Vanquish Me treatment

Recently, in a bid to get stronger, healthier and of course lose some weight, I started resistance training. The first few weeks were painful, especially since I hadn’t used my muscles to do more than climb a few steps, lift my handbag and hold chaturanga pose at a weekly yoga class. But within a few weeks I started to notice my body tone up – except for my thighs.

My thighs have always been what I call my “problem area”. They are ridden with stubborn fat, the kind that refuses to move no matter how many squats and hamstring curls I do or how many salads I eat. To supplement my workouts and to speed up the process of toning my thighs, I decided to try the Vanquish Me non-invasive fat reduction procedure at The DRx Clinic. It promised to destroy unwanted body fat, which would then be eliminated by the body to whittle me down by a few centimetres. Pure music to my ears.

Vanquish Me, DRx Clinic, non-invasive fat reduction, Singapore slimming,

I arrived at The DRx Clinic eager to get things started – my battle with the fat on my thighs had been on for years and I was keen to win it this time. Before each session of the Vanquish Me procedure, the therapists measure the area to be treated and check your weight, fat percentage and body water content. In fact, when you first register, they will ask you to tank up on the water before your session. This not only helps the Vanquish Me device better target fat cells, it also improves elimination of destroyed fat from the body. With the required information noted I was ushered to the treatment room.

My session began with the use of the X-wave machine. It uses acoustic energy in the form of pulses to stimulate nerves and improve circulation as well as soften fat. This in turn helps the Vanquish Me machine target fat better. First a contact gel is applied and the hand piece, which emits quick pulses that feel like someone is pummelling your thighs, is glided over the area to be treated. The parts that have more fat – my outer and inner thighs – hurt more. This continues for seven minutes on each thigh – a preset time determined by the area you want to target.

Throughout the 14 minutes, my therapists were attentive, constantly checking if the pain was bearable. It was. I won’t lie, it hurts, but it’s manageable. After, my thighs felt soft, almost like Jell-O. Apparently the fat was ready to be destroyed.

Vanquish Me, DRx Clinic, non-invasive fat reduction, Singapore slimming,

Next is the Vanquish Me procedure. One of the reasons I chose to do this treatment was because there is absolutely no contact with the body. No pinching of fat between a clamp or squashing it between two panels. The large panels emit radio-frequency waves to heat fat cells till they reach apoptosis or the equivalent of cell death without so much as touching the skin. This also means larger areas, like the abdomen including love handles and fat on the back can be treated in a single sessions.

Depending on the area to be treated, you can choose to sit or lie down through your session. I chose to sit, hoping get some reading done but was quickly informed I couldn’t use my cell phone as it would interfere with the radio-frequency waves. Now you know why I don’t have many images of the treatment for this post.

With the panels in place, things started to heat up. Literally. How much it hurts, depends not only on your pain threshold but also on the fat percentage. And I had all 27 per cent of it, which meant things did get a bit uncomfortable at times, but not enough that you need anaesthesia. Another thing I noticed during my session was that the leg that was treated second seemed to be more uncomfortable. But the therapists informed me this was completely normal.

Vanquish Me, DRx Clinic, non-invasive fat reduction, Singapore slimming,

At the end of my treatment, I had a bit of redness – nothing unusual – and it subsides in a few hours. Since I bruise easily, there were a few of those as well, which subside in a few days. Because of the X-wave and Vanquish Me, my thighs felt a bit lumpy, but this is easily remedied with a light, daily massage which help smooth things out as it increases circulation and helps eliminate the fat.

Since it was only one session, the results are negligible. It takes four to six sessions to see real results but my thighs look less lumpy and cellulite bumps seem to be slightly smoother.

To find out more, and get in touch with the DRx Clinic, click here. This is an ideal treatment if you’ve already been working out and need to shift a little stubborn fat quickly before Lunar New Year or a beach vacation.

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