The ART of Skincare with Young Living

Given that I have extremely dry skin, I usually feel the need to add a beauty oil into my skincare routine. I like the way oils make my skin feel – plump and nourished. I think of face oils as a booster to my usual serums and moisturisers. Naturally, I was excited to find out more about Young Living’s ART Skin Care system that fuses natural ingredients with essential oils.

For the uninitiated, Young Living was started in 1993 with the aim of producing high-grade essential oils. All Young Living products contain natural ingredients and essential oils that are backed with the propriety Seed to Seal process. This process ensures ingredients come from vetted and reputable sources that comply with environmental laws, and that the essential oils produced are rigorously tested in third-party labs to ensure objectivity. All this ensures the quality and benefits of the oils are duly preserved. Young Living also subscribes to green practices that ensure producing essential oils is easy on the earth as it is on your skin.

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Oils are lipophilic, or fat loving which enables them to pass through the lipid layer of the skin to plump and prevent loss of moisture. Different essential oils come with different benefits for the skin. However, if you’re hesitant about using oils in your skincare routine, but still want the benefits, a good place to start is the Young Living ART Skin Care System. Packed with naturally derived ingredients and a variety of essential oils, they will leave your skin soft, plump and hydrated.

ART Gentle Cleanser
True to its name, this cleanser removes all impurities without stripping the skin. A couple of pumps of the foam massaged it into your skin in little circles moving upwards feels relaxing after a long day and the light zingy fragrance really elevates your cleansing routine. Packed with essential oils like frankincense, royal Hawaiian sandal wood, lemon, lavender, melissa, and plant-based ingredients, it leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. It’s best to use it after you’ve removed your makeup as a second cleanse. It’s gentle enough to be use both day and night.

ART Refreshing Toner
A splash of toner on a cotton pad swiped all over the face helps rebalance the skin’s natural pH, leaving it feeling fresh and comfortable. The ART Refreshing Toner has peppermint, sandalwood, frankincense and lavender oils along with Melissa Leaf (which softens skin), aloe vera, witch hazel water and green tea extract. Together these ingredients help to condition and refresh skin without drying and have it ready for the next skincare step.

ART Light Moisturiser
A good moisturiser is key to good skin. The ART Light Moisturiser features olive, sandalwood, frankincense oils and squalane among other ingredients. Olive and squalane are intensely hydrating, while frankincense and sandalwood keep skin firm, smooth lines and lighten blemishes. The moisturiser is light, and easily absorbed. Even with the presence of essential oils, it doesn’t feel oily or heavy on the skin and would be suitable even for oily, combination skin types.

As with all new skincare, it’s best to introduce each product with a patch test to ensure it doesn’t react with your skin in any way.

I received these products at a press event. 

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