The ART of Skincare with Young Living

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Given that I have extremely dry skin, I usually feel the need to add a beauty oil into my skincare routine. I like the way oils make my skin feel – plump and nourished. I think of face oils as a booster to my usual serums and moisturisers. Naturally, I was excited to find out more about Young Living’s ART Skin Care system that fuses natural ingredients with essential oils.
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Living in the city is making you look older. Here’s what you need to combat it

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City girls, listen up. Rising levels of pollution are now the second biggest cause of premature skin ageing after sun damage. That puts you at a risk of looking up to five times older than your rural counterparts. People who live in cities are exposed to tiny particles of pollution from industrial and vehicular exhaust, cigarettes, power plants, construction sites and ozone pollution on a daily basis.

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Does the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint live up to its hype?

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When Riri added a red lipstick to her Fenty Beauty line, I was hardly surprised. She’s often been seen wearing a red lip and makes it look amazing and effortless. Like the rest of the products under her Fenty Beauty line, the Stunna Lip Paint Uncensored was created to suit women of all skin tones. And just like the rest of the Fenty Beauty products, it was massively hyped and launched to rave reviews. But does it live up to its claims?
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