10 makeup hacks that will make your eyes look bigger

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Mila Kunis, Sarah Hyland, Zooey Deschanel, Priyanka Chopra, Eva Green, Audrey Tatou have all got one standout feature in common: big, beautiful eyes. Is it any surprise we find them all attractive? We’re wired to view people with bigger eyes as more attractive. Bigger, brighter eyes are viewed as a sign of youth and fertility, meaning if you’ve got larger than average eyes, you’re likely to look more youthful and be an instant hit with the opposite sex. Want bigger eyes? These makeup hacks have you covered.
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9 Absolutely Free Ways To Get Younger Looking Skin

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The key to having younger looking skin even as you grow older, is to adhere to an effective anti-ageing regimen when you’re young. Taking care of your skin goes beyond using the best skincare money can buy or getting the latest aesthetic treatments. Just like eating healthy and working out, it’s a lifestyle. Here are nine things you can do to ensure no one can tell your real age.

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How to master the no makeup makeup look

The no makeup makeup look or nude makeup look has been around for ages and there’s a joke among beauty industry insiders about how it takes a whole lot of nothing to achieve this look. The epitome of this look is to appear as natural as possible while wearing all that makeup. And the key to getting it right is not only picking the right products but also keeping the following pointers in mind.
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