First Look At Philosophy The Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Peel

There’s a reason I keep featuring products from Philosophy on this site: they are one of my favourite skincare brands because their products are consistently effective. The Microdelivery In Home Vitamin C/Peptide Peel (aka The Microdelivery Peel) has been a long-term favourite of mine, and recently, the Renewed Hope in a Jar moisturiser earned a permanent place in my beauty routine. Needless to say I was absolutely excited to preview the latest addition to their line of Microdelivery Peels – the Overnight Anti-Aging Peel. A two-step at-home peel it consists of an Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acid Leave-On Peel Solution and a Youth Extending Night Gel which together promise to deliver refined, younger looking skin. And excited as I was, I wanted to know how I could fit this in with my existing devotion to the Vitamin C/Peptide Peel. Elaine Lim, the trainer at Philosophy, kindly explained it all.

Smita DeSouza: I’m a big fan of the Vitamin C Peptide Peel. How is this different?
Elaine Lim: The Microdelivery Peel kit uses Vitamin C crystals as a physical exfoliator to resurface the skin for advanced skin smoothing benefits, and salicylic and lactic acids as a chemical exfoliators to deliver the Vitamin C and peptides deep down to the epidermis for brighter, more even toned skin. The new product is the first specific anti-ageing peel dedicated to visible ageing concerns: wrinkles, loss of firmness and enlarged pores.

Philosophy Alpha:Beta Hydroxy Acid Leave-On Peel Solution

SD: The Overnight Anti-aging Peel lists Alpha Beta Hydroxy acids as well as Glycolic and Salicylic Acids in its ingredients list. Could you explain how these work?
The first step of this peel consists of a blend of two AHAs: glycolic acid and lactic acid. This blend of ingredients micro-exfoliates the skin to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. The glycolic acid exfoliates the topmost layer of skin cells to regulate the natural process of shedding dead skin. Due to its very small size (the smallest existing AHA), glycolic acid is able to act fast and reach deeper in the skin for improved results.

Our professional grade lactic acid also helps gently soften and shed keratin and is often chosen from the AHA family by dermatologists when they wish to make milder peels that cause less irritation. That’s why it is also suitable for delicate skins. In addition, the molecular weight of lactic acid is larger than glycolic acid, which allows it to stay on the skin surface to prolong the micro-exfoliating action of the product overnight.

This mixture of AHAs is then completed with the addition of a BHA: salicylic acid. This works on enlarged pores caused due to loss of firmness. This keratolytic agent interacts with the keratin at the highest layer of skin and helps to eliminate dead skin cells to decongest pores for clearer skin. Thus the three acids work together to truly tackle visible signs of ageing.

Philosophy Youth Extending Night Gel

SD: Tell us a little more about Step 2, the Youth Extending Night Gel…
EL: Cell regeneration is at its maximum during the night. Therefore, this is the optimal time for your skin to receive and absorb specific anti-ageing ingredients. The second step of this new innovative peel can be compared to a mask that will deliver targeted ingredients to deeply soothe skin and saturate it with anti-ageing active ingredients so you wake up with new skin, fully soothed and nurtured!

SD: Can both, the Vitamin C Peptide Peel and the Overnight Anti-aging Peel, be part of my skincare regimen?
EL: Yes of course! Both treatments target different skin concerns. The Microdelivery Peel is for women looking to achieve radiance and an even skin texture; while The Microdelivery Overnight Anti-aging Peel is for women who need anti-ageing solutions. Therefore, both can be used on alternate weeks according to your skin’s needs.

SD: How often can one use this peel? And can any one with any skin type use this peel?
EL: The recommended usage is in the evening, two to three times a week. Because of the restorative benefits of an overnight sleep mask to eliminate the potential for irritation, it is suitable for all skin types.

SD: What are the changes I can expect to see after using this product?
EL: Our new Microdelivery Anti-aging Overnight Peel reveals and restores youthful and healthy-looking skin as a result of the combined effect of immediate micro-exfoliation of a peel with the restorative benefits of an overnight sleep mask. Your skin will appear fresh and totally renewed. Visible signs of skin ageing like fine lines and wrinkles are improved, skin firmer and pores minimised.

SD: Since it is a peel, albeit a mild one, what are the skincare steps/precautions one should take the next day?
EL: Sunscreen! I cannot stress enough the importance of sunscreen! This product contains an Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) that may increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Therefore, use a sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

SD: Similarly, when it comes to following up with a moisturiser the next day – are there any specific ingredients to avoid?
EL: Because The Microdelivery Overnight Anti-aging Peel already contains a blend of two AHAs, avoid a moisturiser with more AHA’s like retinol and Vitamin C, which may cause irritation.

The Philosophy Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Peel retails at SGD129 and is available at all Sephora and Philosophy boutiques.

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