15 Mascara Tips That Will Transform Your Lashes

I believe every woman could do with a bit of mascara. The little magic wands have the ability to change the way your lashes, and eyes, look with just a couple of sweeps. But as with all magic wands, you need to know a few tricks to achieve the magical results you want. Over the years I’ve picked up a few tips, which I’m sure will work for you too.

Mascara Tricks

Apply it the right way
The best way to apply mascara is to hold a hand mirror directly below your face. Put on your mascara while looking down into the mirror. This gives you the chance to get right to the base of the lashes. Bonus: The natural angle of your face and eyes will prevent any mascara from getting on your lids.

Create thicker lashes
The trick to creating the illusion of thicker lashes is to start with your wand right at the base of the lashes. This will deposit most of the product at the base and thin out as you reach the end for lashes that look naturally lush. This also helps hold the curl longer as the formula won’t weight down your lashes. 

First apply regular mascara and then swipe on a coat of waterproof mascara. This makes it easier to remove the waterproof mascara.

Do the wiggle
Start with the brush at the base of your lashes and move it to the tip of the lashes in a zigzag motion. This helps the bristles catch each lash and deposit mascara for lush looking lashes. 

Mix it up
Sometimes it takes more than one mascara to get the lashes you really want. Before Charlotte Tilbury created her Full Fat Lashes mascara, she would layer mascaras backstage to get the desired effect. When I want length and volume, I first apply Benefit They’re Real! and follow with my Maybelline HyperCurl Volum’ Express.

Learn To Layer
Waterproof mascaras are perfect for hot and humid climates, but can be a pain to cleanse. A good way to solve this problem is to first apply regular mascara and then swipe on a coat of waterproof mascara. This makes it easier to remove the waterproof mascara.

Mascara Tips

Not All Brushes Are Equal
A bigger, lush brush is ideal to create volume and is best suited to medium length lashes. Those with stubby lashes should opt for skinny brushes that easily get to the base of the lashes and help elongate them. But if it’s curling you want, go with a curved wand that has nylon bristles and will help give you that lift and curl.

Tackle Smudges Gently
If you do manage to get mascara on your eyelid or even your nose – yes, I’ve managed to do that a couple of times – don’t rush to clean it. Wiping it while it is wet will only spread it and cause an ugly smear. Wait till it dries and then gently wipe it off with a Q-tip. If it still won’t budge, dip the bud in micellar water and spot cleanse it.

Know When To Apply
It’s best to apply your mascara last – after you’ve finished doing your eye makeup. This way, even if you’ve gotten any eyeshadow on the top of your lashes, a coat of mascara is all you need to hide. Besides, using mascara above and below your top lashes helps hold the curl better.

Use the tip of the brush vertically to sculpt each lash and create the illusion of longer lashes.

Pick The Right Colour
Women usually don’t pay attention to the colour of mascara they choose, but it can make a big difference. Black can look too stark on women with naturally pale skin and light hair, but works well for those with dark hair. Those with blonde or light brown hair should opt for a deep brown mascara that will add definition without jarring. And using blue will help brighten the whites of your eyes – but is perhaps best kept out of the office.

Make The Most Of The Wand
Most women hold the wand horizontally and apply their mascara. But you can also use the tip of the brush vertically to sculpt each lash and create the illusion of longer lashes. Using your brush to comb each lash vertically will also give you a more natural finish.

More Tips To Transform Your Eyelashes
*Using castor oil before you sleep will help condition and thicken your lashes. You can even use it on your eyebrows, if you have scant ones. Just be sure not to get any into your eyes.

* Curl your lashes before mascara, never after. This could break the lashes.

* To get a more intense curl, first lightly heat your curler with your dryer for a few seconds. After you’ve made sure it’s hot enough to hold a curl, but cool enough to touch your skin, clamp down on your lashes and invert the curler. Hold for 10 seconds and release.

*Make sure you curl the base as well as the middle of your lashes for that beautiful wide-eyed look.

* Once you’ve applied mascara, comb through your lashes with an eyebrow brush. Don’t have one handy? Use a new, clean toothbrush to remove any clumps.

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