The secret to chok chok glowing skin according to Park Shin Hye

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Unless you’ve been on a digital detox for the last few years and unplugged all your computers, you will be somewhat familiar with Korean skincare and makeup trends. Soft, straight ulzzang eyebrows, aegyosal that make your eyes look they’re smiling and chok chok glowing skin are all Korean exports. BB and CC creams, essences, cushion compacts and snail mucus were all introduced to beauty junkies around the world by Korea.
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New In: Crystal Moist Korean Skincare

When it comes to skincare, Korea is always a step ahead of everyone else. (Remember where BB creams originated?) They’re almost always the first to put out a new ingredient or innovative formulation – and the packaging is always spot on. I imagine going to Korea would be like going to beauty heaven: there are makeup and skincare shops at every corner. But since I haven’t visited this beauty paradise, yet, I have to stay content with Korean skincare locally available in Singapore.
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