The secret to chok chok glowing skin according to Park Shin Hye

Unless you’ve been on a digital detox for the last few years and unplugged all your computers, you will be somewhat familiar with Korean skincare and makeup trends. Soft, straight ulzzang eyebrows, aegyosal that make your eyes look they’re smiling and chok chok glowing skin are all Korean exports. BB and CC creams, essences, cushion compacts and snail mucus were all introduced to beauty junkies around the world by Korea.

Now I may not be completely familiar with the other export – K-dramas and the actors. But I know healthy, glowing skin when I see it, and I definitely wanted to know what Park Shin Hye (popular for her roles in TV series Doctors and upcoming drama/thriller Heart Blackened) was doing to get that chok chok skin.

Park Shin Hye in Singapore, Mamonde skincare, korean beauty tips, chok chok glowing skin, K-Drama,

Currently on her Asian tour, the actor, who is also the brand ambassador for Mamonde beauty (I’ve posted about their skincare and makeup products before) is in Singapore for a few days and she shared her beauty routine with a select few beauty bloggers as a press conference.

“Due to a hectic schedule, I often skimp on sleep which makes my skin dry and dehydrated. At such times, to keep it hydrated and fresh I use a hydrating sheet mask daily. I also carry the Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist, which I spritz onto my face every two to three hours.”

“I also like to use the Pure White Ultra Active Essence toner to keep my dry skin feeling soft and moisturised. Then I massage a dime-sized amount of the Pure White Ultra Active Essence onto my face, as it aids absorption of the product and improves blood circulation. I will always make sure to moisturise with the Hibiscus Moisture Ceramide cream and follow with the Calendula Essence Sun Milk.”

Park Shin Hye in Singapore, Mamonde skincare, korean beauty tips, chok chok glowing skin, K-Drama,

“I don’t use a lot of makeup when I’m not working, I just focus on the lip with the Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm for a pop of colour and to brighten the face and for my base I use the Cover Powder Cushion.”

“If I could give my younger self some advice, it would be to moisturise, but also pay attention to cleansing. Cleansing and softening (toning) helps rid pores of grime and dirt, preparing it for better absorption of other skincare. Having a good remover like the Mamonde Lotus Micro Eye & Lip Remover, which is gentle yet thorough, helps in making sure you do not tug and pull at delicate areas around the eye.”

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