The Post Flight Beauty Routine: Prevent Acne Skin Breakouts While Travelling

Whether you’re travelling home for the holidays or heading off on a vacation, airplane travel can be stressful. Along with the crying toddler or the passenger that’s constantly kicking your seat, you also have to deal with pressurised cabin air, low humidity, unhealthy plane food and the lack of sleep. All of these take a toll on your body and skin and can cause breakouts or acne. Which is why I came up with my tried and tested post airplane beauty routine and it works like a charm. Every. Single Time.  Continue reading

The Comprehensive In-flight Beauty Routine

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There was a time when the thought of flying would fill me with dread. Not just because I would be couped up in a cramped space for hours, but also because my already dry skin, gets even drier. In a bid to combat this dryness, I have tried various combinations of skincare products, read up on in-flight beauty routines and checked how celebrities and dermatologists do it. Now, numerous flights, moisturisers, masks and oils later, I have finally narrowed down the ideal airplane beauty essentials for travel. Continue reading