Why It’s OK To Buy Expensive Beauty Products

How many times have you found yourself standing at a beauty counter, swatches on your hand, debating whether you should buy that expensive foundation, moisturiser or mask? The next time you find yourself in that situation, ask yourself the following question, “How often am I going to use it?” If your answer is every day (or even every week), pay for it and take it to its forever home with you.


When you buy a product that you plan to use every day, its cost per use goes down making it a truly cost-effective buy.

I splurge on moisturisers, face oils, facemasks and foundations (when I can find the right shade) because I know I am going to use these every single day (or every week), and even then, I know they will last me at least six months if not more.

However when it comes to coloured eye shadows – to go with a particular outfit or a coloured mascara, I will look for less expensive options since I know I won’t be reaching for it as often.

Even then, there are few things to keep in mind before splurging on that product you absolutely must have. 

When treating yourself to skincare: Just because a cream or serum works well for your friend doesn’t mean it will work for you. Check reviews about its benefits for your skin type, and always ask for samples before paying the equivalent of a small trinket for skincare. 

When treating yourself to makeup: If you’re buying foundations and concealers, make sure you check all swatches in bright daylight. There is nothing worse than picking a foundation under the fluorescent light only to find it looks completely different on you in daylight.

Pay attention to formulas – does it work for your skin type? Does it make you look like you’re wearing makeup? How does it feel after wearing it for a few hours? It’s best to try foundations and concealers on one day and buy them on another.

If you’re buying colour cosmetics, also test the swatches in bright daylight. Look for palettes that have colours you would normally use. These are value for money and are convenient to carry when travelling. Don’t hesitate to pick up a purple eyeshadow if it brings out the brown in your eyes and if highlighter is part of your signature look, then go ahead and splurge. With this simple beauty math, you won’t feel so guilty about your beauty hauls.

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