Beauty to-do list to look your best in 2017

Cross these items of the beauty to-do list this year and you’re on your way to having your best hair, skin and makeup looks.

Get a head start on anti-ageing.
It’s never too early to start an anti-ageing programme. In fact, you can start right now with these absolutely free ways to get younger looking skin. Start now and you have a better chance of beating pesky fine lines, dull skin, uneven texture and wrinkles. Think of it as a lifestyle and you will have people guessing your real age for years to come.

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Create a signature beauty look.
Makeup is all about playing around with colours and textures, creating fun and fearless looks. But every woman should have a signature beauty look to fall back on, especially when you’ve snoozed the alarm three times or are rushing post gym to a date. Creating your signature beauty look is not just clever, it’s imperative. Colours and textures you are comfortable in will be the linchpin of this look. Just ensure it doesn’t become your default makeup look.

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Protect your skin from the sun.
I cannot emphasise enough the need to use sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. Sun damage is the number one cause of skin ageing and if you want to avoid looking like a leather bag, make sunscreen your best friend.

Save your skin from pollution.
After sun damage, pollution is the other cause for accelerated skin ageing. Particles of pollution embed themselves in the skin degrading collagen and elastin making skin look dull and increasing fine lines. Here’s what you can do about it: create a smart skincare regimen that will keep skin healthy and happy.

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Have a good hair year
Make bad hair days a thing of the past with these 10 tips for silky, smooth hair – at home. From washing and drying your hair the right way to protecting it and sleeping on a silk pillow cover these tried and tested tricks will have your hair soft and manageable. Case in point, my own unruly locks which I have managed to tame.

Keep blemishes at bay.
Fact: You can break out for a variety of reasons. Diet, hormones, skincare or makeup products and even your mobile phone all play a role when it comes to pimples. Make 2017 a relatively blemish-free year with these ridiculously easy ways to prevent breakouts. You can thank me later.

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Include this important step you’re probably skipping into your current skincare routine and your skin will thank you for it. With the right exfoliator for your skin type, you can expect smoother, brighter, more even toned skin that is less likely to break out. Who doesn’t want that?

Go back to basics.
Cleansing and moisturising are the cornerstones of a good skincare regimen and yet some women skip both. Cleansing – with a makeup remover if you use sunscreen and or makeup – at the end of the day allows following skincare (serums and moisturisers) to be better absorbed which in turn improves your skin. The right moisturiser for your skin type strengthens the natural protective barrier ensuring skin is healthy, while also keeping fine lines as bay.

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Splurge a little
Whether it’s luxury skincare, that expensive foundation, an iconic lipstick or even that highlighter, it’s ok to buy expensive beauty products. Simply follow the formula for beauty math which will help you determine the true cost of the product and help you save $$$

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