It’s Time You Created Your Signature Makeup Look

What do Gwen Stefani, Adele and Dita Von Teese have in common? They all have very distinct looks that they are synonymous with: a bright red lip, killer winged eyeliner and a glamorous combination of both topped with retro hairstyle. It makes them instantly recognisable. I think every woman should have a signature look. Something she is comfortable with, looks great in and is able to do with her eyes closed. Think of it as your makeup uniform that sets you apart, yet has you looking good when you’re running late or when you’re sitting in front of the mirror wondering which lipstick you want to wear. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t try a new shade of eye shadow or focus on your lips instead of your eyes when you feel like it.

On days when you need to be ready in a pinch, opt for your signature look. A carefully created signature look will never let you down.

I have two looks I find myself repeating. One features a bright red lipstick balanced with strong brows and a simple slick of liner; while the other is a more casual one which features a lot of bronzer with the focus on looking like I spent a day at the beach. I’ve learnt there are a few points to keep in mind when creating your signature look.

Signature beauty look

Create a look that works for you. You want to rely on a look that is uncomplicated and can be done quickly. It should be something you wear like second skin, without even having to think about it. Look to your makeup stash for clues: 25 lipsticks in shades of red signal you prefer a loud mouth, multiple bronzers could mean you prefer a more casual, sun-kissed look and a drawer full of mascaras hint at a love for playing up your eyes. Identify the products you find yourself instinctively drawn to and build your look around them.

Highlight a key feature. This let’s you skim over the rest. Play up your razor-sharp cheekbones with strategically placed highlighter; enhance beguiling eyes with liner and mascara and make your mouthpiece the centre of attention with a bright lipstick. When you draw attention to one feature, the rest automatically recede into the background – but you still look put-together without having to spend too much time on your makeup.

Now tweak it. Always worn black eyeliner? Swap it for a navy blue or purple. Switch your red lipstick for an equally bold tangerine and trade your bronzer for a peach blush. Small changes to your look keeps things fresh and interesting. After all, you’re not one to be boring.

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