How to exfoliate based on your skin type

If you’ve read my previous post about the important skincare step you’re probably skipping, you’ll know that exfoliation plays a big part in keeping your skin healthy as well as reducing your chances of breaking out. But too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Over exfoliating can wreck havoc with your skin making it raw and sensitive. The key is knowing how often you need to exfoliate and finding the right exfoliator for your skin type.
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The best way to beat hangover skin right here

If you’re currently sitting, pounding head in hand, trying to total up last night’s cocktails (or mulled wine) while your throat feels like a dry sponge and your skin looks dull and blotchy, you’re probably not alone. All forms of alcohol are dehydrating, resulting in this morning from hell scenario. But the good news is, you don’t have to look as bad as you feel. Following these tried and tested tips, before and after a fabulous night out will have you have you looking – if not feeling – good in no time.

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First thoughts on the PicoToning Laser treatment

PicoToning Laser review, Dr Calvin Chan, rejuvenating treatments, antiageing treatments, skincare treatments

They say don’t sweat the little things. But when it comes to skincare, focussing on the little things regularly goes a long way, because it’s the little things that add up to ensure your skin looks healthy and youthful. That means keeping your skin hydrated with the right moisturiser for your skin type; protected daily with sunscreen and pampered with potent serums. But it also means taking the time for that monthly facial or in my case a toning and rejuvenating treatment like the PicoToning Laser.
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